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  • You are most welcome to our newly designed website. The designing of our website has been necessitated by the drive and commitment to providing a user – friendly and pleasurable access to one of the enriching University Library collections in Nigeria and the African continent at large.

    Undoubtedly, we are a Library committed in vision:

    To be the primary and foremost source of reliable information for the University Community, in a quest to realize the noble vision concerning teaching research and community service and by mission statements, we wish: To provide information services to meet the information needs of members of the University Community, to make information activity most rewarding and enjoyable for various categories of users in the community. Also the Library's aim is to promote greater utilization of Library services for research. To this end, we shall continue to create and re-create the navigable gateway to various resources which will definitely facilitate the usage of numerious collections in the library. In addition, effort will be geared towards promoting collaborations with other institutions both at National and International Levels. Your experience will also reveal our yearning to improve on our services through creating enabling environment for users to electronically access library holding outside the normal official opening hours. In addition, there are plans for outreach programmes, workshops, and semminars on how to use electronic databases to get more resources for the users and worked on our Institutional Repository. It may also interest you that ours is one of the University Libraries in Nigeria that provide a 24 – hour reading facility to students during examinations.

    The Information Resources Facility (IRF)) – IRF which is powered by Innovative while Library Resources are widely accessible through the Open Access Catalogue (OPAC). In summary, the University Library has in its holdings more than 200,000 volumes of books and 10,000 volumes of journals. Within this collection are electronic textbooks and journals. Aside these, it also has a sizeable rich collections of newspapers and private papers. It is believed thataccess to these resources will make a world of difference in your research activities. Wishing you a most pleasurable and highly rewarding exploration of the Library Website.