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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics.

The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics was created with the aim of producing graduates (bachelors, masters, and doctorates) who are of superior quality and international standard for global relevance. The department has four undergraduate programmes (BSc. Computer Science, BSc. Mathematics, BSc. Software Engineering, BSc. Artificial Intelligence) and Master of Science programme in Computer Science. All our courses are accredited by the National Universities Commission.

The department offers a unique educational opportunity for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to achieve excellence through vigorous classes, practical classes, and participation in cutting-edge ICT research. Also, the Mathematics students are being trained with up-to-date knowledge and skills in Mathematics for research and application purposes.

Our research activities are focused on developing knowledge and research that can make a direct contribution to society. The results of our research are implementable for societal usages and global impacts. Our students are given opportunities to attend conferences, seminars and workshops and become co-authors of articles that are published in top-rated journals. Many of our undergraduates are empowered in such a way that they can compete with other students from any part of the world, and they also take on postgraduate studies in any area of Mathematics and Computer Science.

A good feature of our department is the good community life and a good relationship that exists between staff and students. Our  students’ rendezvous and study in our amazing environment and get to know our staff personally.