Dr. Semiu Kareem

Head of Department

"Dr. Semiu Kareem’s current research interest include Atmospheric data analysis, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamic analysis of channel fluid flow, Stability in MHD flows, Laminar-turbulent transition in fluid dynamics and Non-linear dynamics. He is currently a Senior Lecturer. Semiu Kareem received his Master’s degree in Theoretical Solid State Physics at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Nigeria, while working as Graduate Assistant at the University. During the Master’s degree programme, he worked on the analysis of mathematical models using numerical/computational methods, with computer programs in Fortran. The research output of this work includes the published work: On the numerical solution of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for an isolated vortex in trapped gas. Semiu Kareem gained a rich knowledge of data and numerical analysis in the course of this work, which paved thye way for more interest in the analysis of data and the numerical computation of differential equations. Semiu Kareem became an Assistant Lecturer in 2006. He thereafter engaged in the study of the physics of nonlinear system and its dynamical behaviours, with a lot of concentration in the control and synchronization of non-linear systems. In this area, he co-authored a number of articles including Chaos control of the autonomous van der Pol Mathieu equation for dust-charge fluctuation in dusty plasma using back-stepping control; Control and synchronization of chaos in RCL-shunted Josephson junction and Chaos control of 4D chaotic systems using recursive backstepping nonlinear controller. Semiu Kareem further applied and improved his grip on the application of numerical and computational methods in numerical data handling and analysis while working with co-authors on the articles. He gained expertise mitigating devastating conditions in manufacturing processes by synchronizing industrial machine operations, using control and synchronization techniques. He has also applied non-linear techniques to study synchronization and possible projections in financial models and data. In this area, he co-authored the article: Function projective synchronization of identical and non-identical modified finance and Shimizu-Moriaka systems. He also co-authored the article: Physical model of income distribution. These works helped explore the behaviours of the stock market and other financial instruments, which could form a useful tool in stock trading. In chaotic/non-linear dynamics, he also studied bifurcation and resonance behaviours in coupled systems, where he co-authored the article: Quasi-synchronization dynamics of coupled and driven plasma oscillators. He used C++ and MATLAB in the course of this research, which further widened his expertise in numerical simulation and data analysis. Semiu Kareem continued his studies and research in computational analysis, where he received his doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in Theoretical and Computational Physics in the year 2017 at the Redeemer’s University in Nigeria. For the Ph.D. programme, he concentrated on fluid dynamics, especially thermodynamic analysis of channel fluid flow using Adomian decomposition method. He implemented numerical codes to solve series of fluid dynamics related differential equations with MATHEMATICAL computational package. Because energy has taken the front burner globally, with respect to its generation and utilisation, he studied the generation of entropy in a number of fluid flow models. The more the generation of entropy in a system, the more the useful energy is wasted in the system. He co-authored a number of articles in this area, which include Entropy generation analysis for a reactive couple stress fluid flow through a channel saturated with porous material; Second law analysis for hydromagnetic couple stress fluid flow through a porous channel; and Second law analysis for buoyancy-driven hydromagnetic couple stress fluid flow through a porous channel. "

Academic Qualifications PhD (Theoretical and Computational Physics )
Designation/Rank Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization (if none, state NA) Theoretical and Computational Physics

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