Dr. B. Ebere


Dr. Ebere Benard has a B.Sc. in Geology and M.Sc. in Exploration Geophysics (University of Port Harcourt) and Ph.D. in Geophysics (University of Lagos). He is also an MBA scholar in the Concordia University of Chicago, USA. Dr. Benard is currently working as a Senior Production Geoscientist with Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc. He previously worked as a Senior Geoscientist/Geomodeler for South Atlantic Petroleum Ltd, and as a Reservoir Geologist/Seismic Interpreter for Laser Engineering and Resource Consultant. He has also worked briefly as a Geologist/Groundwater Geophysicist for Rivers State Water Board and as Military Geologist with 72 Special Forces Battalion of the Nigerian Army. Dr. Benard has experience working in the Niger Delta, Offshore Dahomey/Gulf of Guinea, Offshore Gabon, Deep offshore Madagascar/Mozambique, Chad Basin, Central and East Africa Rift Basin. Dr. Benard is previlaged to have worked across different hydrocarbon exploration/appraisal, development and production projects; with posting for international assignments in France, United Kingdom, and United State of America, Madasgascar and Republic of Benin. He has more than 15 years of Post-graduate work experience. Dr. Benard’s skill and expertise cut across offshore seismic project planning/acquisition, seismic interpretation, well planning/drilling/geological wellsite operations, Special reservoir studies, Integrated Field development studies, and Asset management. Dr. Benard’s areas of specialization include Reservoir Geophysics, Geostatistics, Reservoir Characterization and Geomodeling. He has over 10 conference papers and journals to his name. Dr. Benard is a distinguished Lecturer and Short Course Instructor for the annual international conference of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE). He has passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching of students and young professionals in the industry and academia.


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