Geosciences Department, MTU takes the Top position at the Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) conduct-ed for the Sub-Saharan Africa Region

The Department of Geosciences, Mountain Top University takes the Top position at the Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) conducted for the Sub-Saharan Africa Region. The Sub-Saharan Africa comprises Western, Central and Southern Africa. The Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) is organized by the American Association of Petrole-um Geologists (AAPG). Mountain Top University scored a total of 244.2 points to take the 1st Position pushing the University of Lagos to the 2nd Position with 227 points. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, and Akwa Ibom State University took the 3rd and 4th Positions respectively with 194.45 and 106.8.

This will be the second time the Mountain Top Uni-versity will be taking such position at the IBA, the first being in 2019. The Department of Geosciences has indeed shown rare excellence for a University of its age having won numerous awards and grants in-cluding the NAPE Exhibitors’ Award, which they have won for three consecutive time. It is hoped that they will sustain their winning streak for a very long time.

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