1. Digital Electronics and Computer Hardware by Dr. Oyetunji @ Mountain Top University

2. Ordinary Differential Equation by Mr. Tiawo A. by Mountain Top University

3. Introduction to Development Economics by Dr. Ologundudu by Mountain Top University

4. General Chemistry 1 by Dr. Akinyugha Yemi by Mountain Top University

5. Synoptic Gospel by Dr. Nwanguma by Mountain Top University

6.  General BioChemistry 1 by Prof Akinwande by Mountain Top University

7. Banking Laws and Regulations lecture by Mr. Olurin E.O.

8.  Mass Media Lecture by Dr. Oni

9. Pentateuch Dr. J.O Okunoye

10.  Principle Macroeconomics by Mr. Olaniyi Clement.

11. Introduction to Accounting and Interpretation by Mr. Pius Onichabor (Acc101)

12. Stastitics Lecture by Prof Adejugbe

13.  Introduction to Socio-Linguistics(ENG 303) by Prof E.A. Adedun

14.  Introduction to chemistry(CHM 101) BY Dr. Akinbulu

15. SAGE Accounting Training by Dr Akinyomi

16. Introduction to Mass Communication

17. Organ House Tour by Dr. Oluranti

18. Introduction Mass Communication (CONTD)

19. Phy 103 By Dr. Kelechi Ukagwu

20.  Music as an Art and Science By Mr B. ogunyemi

21. Introduction to Philosophy by Ms. Olufowobi

22. Set Lecture by Mr. Taiwo

23. Atomic Structure and Fragmentation of Atoms by Dr. N. A. Ndukwe

24.  Introduction to Food Science and Technology(FST201) by prof T.N. Fagbemi

25.  Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting 1 by Mr. Taleatu

26. Introduction to Computer Science (CSC 101) by Dr. I.O. Akinyemi

27. Introduction to Chemistry (CHM 101) by Dr. Akinbulu

28. Introduction to Earth Physics(GPH 201) by Mr. R. Akinwale

29. Introduction to Banking and Finance(BFN101)

30. Introduction to Food Science and Technology by Dr Mrs AO Idowu

31. Introduction to Biochemistry by Prof Akinwande

32. Management Theory (BUS 301) by Mr. S. Majekodumi

33. Communication in English Dr Mrs M E Anana

34. Chemistry Lecture by Dr Patrick Asekunowo

35. Prose Lecture by Mr O Oso

36. Role of Finance by Prof J A T Ojo

37. Lecture by Prof E A Adedun

38. Use of Library Skills and Information by Dr. Mrs Akinade

39. News Writing and Reporting(MCM201) by Dr. Oni

40. Lecture by Mr. Taiwo

41. Cost Accounting(Acc 203) by Dr Akinyomi

42. Introduction Mass Communication

43. African Instrumental Ensemble (Practical) By Mr. Bayo Ogunyemi

44. Introduction to Finance by Mr E. Olurin

45. Management Leture by E.O. Olurin

46. Basic Organic Chemistry By Patrick

47.  E-Governance by Dr. Irene

48.  Spoken English Practical I by Dr. Mrs Adeoye

49.  Financial Accounting & Reporting I by Mr. Taleatu

50.  Introduction To Nigerian Literature by Mr O Oso

51.  Introduction to Business BUS 101 by Dr Abioro

51.  Electromagnetic Methods for near surface Geophysics by Prof. El-Kaliouby