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Message from the Head of Department

I bring greetings and good tidings to you from all of us at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts. I will like to seize this opportunity to appreciate the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Elijah Ayolabi for my appointment to head the Department. I do not take this preference for granted. Let me use this medium also to warmly congratulate our newly admitted students to this high-profiled citadel of learning and also thank the existing students and staff for their commitment, support, sacrifices and cooperation in diverse manners.

The Mountain Top University, Nigeria, has undertaken the boldest steps to emerge as the first private institution to establish the Department of Fine and Applied Arts offering Bachelor of Art degree programmes. We have seasoned academic/admin staff at all levels and complementary facilities in conducive environments. On this note, I want to encourage all students and staff to explore this unique opportunity to the fullest without any limitations for the ultimate achievement of academic excellence in visual arts.

Once again, I welcome you to the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Mountain Top University where you will be empowered to excel in all aspects of life.

In case you need further information, you can always email the Head of Department via

Dr. Kehinde H. Shobukonla, fsna, fipmd
HOD, Fine and Applied Arts


About the Department

The Elizabeth Olukoya Centre for Fine and Applied Arts, Mountain Top University (MTU), Nigeria, is a world-class infrastructure that is professionally designed, adequately furnished and academically conducive environment for globally competitive teaching, learning and research in visual arts.  

Among many other accolades, the Centre holds a ground-breaking record of being the first privately-owned university to establish a Department of Fine and Applied Arts in Nigeria with diverse areas of specialisation in Graphic Design, Textile Design, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics.

The B.A. Fine and Applied Arts programme is rooted in the belief that the plastic arts should be studied in detail in order to explore, understand and appreciate both traditional art forms and contemporary advancement in the arts. The overall philosophy guiding the B.A. programme plays a significant role in solving societal problems and attending to cultural needs.  The programme is designed as a holistic approach to art scholarship in producing graduates with hands-on experience and engagement in critical thinking.

The programme is designed to produce creative, innovative and ICT-Savvy graduates of Visual Arts who can develop a wide range of different abilities and skills for artistic, cultural, technological and industrial development through research and modernization of indigenous art concepts and technology in relation to social economic and cultural realities of the world.

Objectives of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts

To produce graduates who are visionaries and equipped with the creative potential to interface the arts and sciences for national development.

To produce graduates who have the competence to set up their own practice and compete favourably with their counterparts globally.

To equip graduates with entrepreneurial skills to enable them to become employers of labour.

To develop in the students the ability to conduct independent research and prepare them adequately for higher studies in their specialised areas.

Nurturing awareness of the richness of African culture vis-a-vis the global dimensions of art, as well as developing skills in the invention and manufacturing of locally sourced art materials and equipment.

To promote adequate general knowledge and specific skills and techniques to enhance the effective performance of graduates in the special areas to use materials with technological methods for the benefit of human resources and economic and social needs.

To interrelate with other professionals in the allied fields of literacy, Arts, Industrial and Engineering Design, and Architecture production Industries and fully skilled with production techniques for public service and self-employment entrepreneurship activities.

Admission requirements to the Department of Fine and Applied Arts

Admission to the first year is through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The prospective candidate must have a minimum of 5 credits passed at not more than two sittings at the Senior Secondary School Certificate level or its equivalent.
    1. O-Level Requirements: To be admitted into the department, a candidate needs 5 O-Level credits which should include the followings:                                                   
(i)        English Language                                                                                      

(ii)        Mathematics                                                                                              

(iii)       Fine Art/Visual Art                                                                                    

(iv)       Any two Arts, Science or Commercial subjects.       
    2. UTME Subjects: The following must be taken at the UMTE for admission into Fine and Applied Arts.                                                                                                 
(i)         English Language                                                                                      

(ii)        Fine Arts                                                                                                        

(iii)       Any other Arts subjects.
Admission Requirements
Generally, candidates seeking admission to the university are expected to have a minimum of five O-Level credit passes at no more than two sittings. However, each department in the faculty has specific requirements which are peculiar to it. Below are the O-Level requirements and UTME subjects’ combinations.
    1. O-Level Requirements: To be admitted into the department, a candidate needs 5 O-Level credits, which should include the following:
(i)    English Language                                    

(ii)    Mathematics                                        

(iii)    Any other three subjects from Arts, Sciences or Commercial.
       2.    UTME Subjects: The following must be taken at the UMTE for admission into Fine and Applied Arts.
(i)    English Language                                    

(ii)     Any other Arts, Science, or Social Sciences subjects

Staff of the Department

Academic Staffs

AKINMOYE Oluwambe Michael

AKINMOYE Oluwambe Michael

Mr, Fine and Applied Art 
Area of specialization/research: Textile Design

SHOBUKONLA Kehinde Hassan

SHOBUKONLA Kehinde Hassan

Dr., Fine and Applied Art 
Area of specialization/research: Visual Arts (Graphic Design)

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