Human Resources - Registry

The Human Resources (HR) Unit is responsible for various activities surrounding members of staff of the University. As a unit under Registry, HR is in charge of recruitment, appointment, promotion, welfare, training, and development of staff in the University. Besides, the Unit oversees processes of leave, and redeployment of staff within the operational administration as necessary. In carrying out these obligations, the Unit works with various Committees including the Appointment and Promotion Committee as directed by the Registrar.

Specifically, the HR Unit is responsible for the following:

  • Placement of internal and external advertisements for vacant positions in the University.

  • Handling recruitment and selection processes, as directed, from the point of shortlisting till successful applicants are handed their appointment letters. 

  • Documentation of new staff and ensuring that they carry out medical examination and deliverance programme in accordance with the regulations of the University. 

  • Issuance of assumption of duty and other necessary forms to new staff who are also guided accordingly. 

  • Redeployment of staff to various units with assigned duties to perform.

  • Clearing members of staff leaving the service of the University.